How to Write an Illustrative Essay

Writing an illustrative essay is a fun and pretty much easy experience I am going to take you on a step to step account of how to write an illustrative essay. First of all, let’s get to understand what an illustrative essay is, it is an informative writing style that is similar to an exemplification paper, it also means to express the existence of an object or occurrence using a specific method. An illustrative essay example of a thesis subject can be’ Gender stereotypes exist in the professional world. Many companies prefer to have a man as their CEO’. So one seeks to explain the reasons as to why that thesis statement is true or false with objective arguments. The main thing about illustrative essays is to make your audience ‘see’ your point, as in making the picture vivid for the reader.

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How to Start an Illustrative Essay

Step number one is to make a plan or establish the topic on what you are going to write, then find credible sources on where you are going to get the information from. Use evidence that is appropriate for your topic. Another thing is to assess the evidence you need to adequately explain your points depending on how complex the subject and the knowledge of your audience regarding the subject. The writer can use different shreds of evidence to support the idea, it could be scientific studies, experts in that particular field, historical events, statistics, current events, analogs, and personal experiences.

Step two in how to write an illustrative essay is creating an outline and flesh up your essay,  write your introduction in detail; that is, it has to contain an introduction of the topic, provide good extensive background information, explaining the relevance and value of the topic and add a strong thesis statement. The introduction should capture the attention of the reader and it should clearly explain the point you are aiming to put across. Something to consider in this is that you are supposed to end the introduction with a thesis statement that highlights what you are going to write about.

After the introduction, it is followed up with the body. The body contains the whole content of the essay. The thoughts should be presented logically. Each thought/ idea should have its own paragraph, with a starting sentence offering the main idea to be discussed. The sentence following the starting sentence should back up the idea presented with a conclusion at the end of each paragraph.

The paragraph should be balanced each as stated above and the ideas should be highlighted from the strongest idea to the weakest idea. Each of the ideas has to back up with pieces of evidence and illustrations that will allow the essay to flow easily from one point to the next. In a summary the body should constitute of the following:

  • Topic sentence– This should serve to introduce the main idea that will be discussed in the whole paragraph.
  • Background sentence- The sentence follows the topic sentence and starts illustrating and supporting the topic sentence.
  • Research sentence- This sentence explains the idea in detail by quoting evidence the writer can provide from known and credible sources.
  • Analysis- The sentence explains how the idea is related to your topic.
  • Conclusion/ transition sentence– The conclusion sentence will summarize the idea and wraps up the paragraph. This can also be done by the writer leaving a suggestion regarding the topic at hand.

How to End an Illustrative Essay

The end of the essay is your last chance of convincing your readers about your whole view regarding the topic of the essay. The impression made on the conclusion will most likely be the most lasting impression your readers will be left about your essay. The conclusions should have a feel of completeness and ending. At the same time, the conclusion should also allow the readers to have a sense of all the possibilities of the topic, implications, and a final discussion to close the essay off.

So how do you write an illustrative essay’s conclusion? Well, you should start by writing the summary of the essay that is, you summarize the main ideas that have already been stated. Usually, it doesn’t feature any new ideas but it rather reiterates the already written ideas. After stating the summary, you should restate the essay argument. The purpose of a conclusion is to draw the final line by assembling facts and ideas stated before. It is the last impression of your work and you should work to make sure you ace the conclusion cause it is just as important as the introduction.

After the conclusion, it is followed by references. On the references, you get to list all the sources that have aided you in the writing of the essay. Most importantly, don’t forget to proofread, check for spelling errors, grammatical errors, and correct punctuations. You can do this by using some of the proofreading applications or websites out there like Grammarly.

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Good Illustrative Essay Topics

So now you know how to write an illustrative essay, but what illustrative essay topics do you choose? For any essay writer, nothing will make them feel more appreciated like finding readers who just can’t have enough of their essays. For this to happen you have to have a good illustrative essay topic to write about. An illustrative essay example of a good topic will be a topic that most people relate to and below we will take a look at some of the best topics for essays.

  • College: College life is an exciting phase of life. There are endless things you could focus on while writing about college life. From the never-ending fun live in college to college gigs present, gossips, and news, the list just keeps going on. You can also focus on writing about the college routine of a particular campus, probably the one that you go to, sports applications, and scholarships that students could take a look at. Pick an illustrative essay topic or topics you are most comfortable with then keep making killer essays on them.
  • Sports: The number of sports is endless, even better, the number of readers who keep reading sports articles and essays is never-ending. This is an exciting field that you can write about especially if you are a sports fanatic. You can write about the all-time people’s favorite games like football, basketball, American football, baseball, tennis, table tennis, marathons, and any other sport you may feel comfortable writing about. You can also focus on information regarding sports, topics like available sports scholarships and where games will be played, and rules that come with each game. The list is again endless.
  • Careers: You can focus your essays on different careers that you either consider fascinating, or much of it is not known about, or if the career is something that a lot of people have an interest in. You could feature in interviews with people who have made it in the different careers fields they exist in. In this topic, make sure that your essay is highly informative or fascinating.
  • Communities: Different communities exist with different cultural traditions, religions, and beliefs, something that you may think people should know about. You could also focus on the distinctive aspects of communities, different games that they play, and the foods they take. By focusing on this your essay will be both fascinating and informative. You can widen your search on different topics that you could focus on as you write about communities.

The number of illustrative essay topics you can focus on is limitless. As long as you know how to write an illustrative essay, you can ace any of the topics. Here are some other topics you can have a look at social media and its effects, traveling, environment, relationships, families, teenage pregnancies, vacations, architecture, and occasions.

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Final take on How to Hack your Illustrative Essays

Learning how to write an illustrative essay and simulation assignment is both exciting and knowledge just as the writing itself. Also, the experience gained will bring out the passion for a chosen topic and doing additional research on it in the writer. It becomes more fun when you are visiting different sites or interviewing different people for essay purposes. This will make one a better person generally or makes you be in a better position to understand certain aspects of life. It is always advisable to look at some illustrative essay examples to widen your knowledge.