Write a sbort explanatory note to BNIA explaining any tax liabIllties… 1 answer below »

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La Trobe University
Case study: Janet Brown Janet Brown, a 55,Fold accoun. manager employed by BMA Investments Ltd In Melbourne, is one of your longstanding clients. On 23August MIS you recelve an email from ber Isee below)wIth information for the preparation of her 2017/18 tax return,
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ALCM% 52 2017 Group assignment
KIM regard,
Required: considerIng the Information provided in Me case study above: Prepare Janet Brown's statement of taxable Income and calculate her total tax liability OncludIng Medlcare Le* for the year ending 30 June 2018,Sn.. all calculations and Include explanatory notes and supportIng ulredules, applying lesislatlon 211.2. law,
11.5 marks) 11) P a letter of advIce on theta), consequences In relation to the legal an and damages paid by Janet for the year endIng 30June 2018.
OD marks) C.) Write a sbort explanatory note to BNIA explaining any tax liabIllties that may arise in connection wItM1 the provision of benefits to Janet Brown, State relevant calculations and applIcable


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