Write a program (in Java) that read each student’s name together with his or her test scores. Th

Write a program (in Java) that read each student's name together with his or her test scores. The program should then compute the average test score for the sutdent and assign the appropiriate grade. The grade scale is as follows: 90-100 A; 80-89 B; 70-79 C;60-69 D;0-59 F;

Your program must use the following methods:

A) A void method, CalculateAverage, to determine the average of five test scores for each student. use the loop to read and sum the five test scores (This method doesn't does not out put the average test score. That task is done in method Main)

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B) A value-returning metod, CalucateGrade, to determine and return each student's grade. (This method does not out put hte grade. That task must be done in the method Main)


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