Which of the following can be best described as production

Question: 1.Which of the following can be best described as production?The services offered by a dentistThe financial advice provided by an investment bankerThe services provided at a pet spaThe process involved in manufacturing steel rodsThe process involved in securing a bank loan2.Manufacturing involves the activities and processes used in:making virtual products.making tangible products.offering logistics services.providing intellectual services.producing intangible products.3.For an automobile manufacturing company, labor, money, and energy are examples of _____.outputsinputsintermediate goodsby-productssemi-finished goods4.Only a few services can be saved, stored, resold, or returned. An implication of this is that:service providers may find it hard to customize their services based on the needs and preferences of customers.services cannot be provided at the point of consumption.it is extremely easy for service providers to standardize their output.it can be extremely difficult for service providers to accurately estimate the demand for their services.service providers cannot vary their prices according to the demand.5.Which of the following is a difference between manufacturers and service providers?The products of manufacturing organizations tend to be more customized than service providers.The outputs of service providers are uniform, while the outputs of the manufacturers vary for each customer.The very nature of a manufacturer’s output requires a higher degree of customer contact than that of a service provider.Manufacturers are generally more labor-intensive than service providers because of the mass production of highly similar goods.Manufacturers typically have more control over the amount of variability of the resources they use than do service providers.6.Which of the following is a similarity between manufacturers and service providers?Both forms of businesses are similar in terms of the labor required.Both forms of businesses produce outputs prior to purchase.Both forms of businesses implement straightforward methods of assessing productivity.Both forms of businesses are characterized by an equal degree of customer contact.Both forms of businesses must make design and operating decisions.7.In comparison to service providers, which of the following is true of manufacturers?Manufacturers require a higher degree of customer contact compared to service providers.Manufacturers produce goods prior to purchase, but most services are performed after purchase.Manufacturers are more labor-intensive than service providers.Manufacturing units have a higher degree of variability in terms of their outputs when compared to service providers.Measuring productivity is more difficult for manufacturers than for service providers because of the intangibility of their products.8.Which of the following is true regarding service providers?Service providers produce more tangible goods compared to manufacturers.Service providers are often more limited than manufacturers in selecting work methods and exercising control over operations.For service providers, measuring productivity is fairly straightforward compared to manufacturers.For service providers, their output tends to be less customized when compared to manufacturers.Service providers have more control over the variability of their inputs than do manufacturers.9.The products of service organizations tend to be _____ than those of their manufacturing counterparts.less variableless perishablemore customizedmore uniformmore tangible10.Before making a product, most firms use _____ to determine the kinds of goods and services to provide and the features they must possess.standardizationmarketing researchcorrective actionstotal quality managementaffirmative actions11.Within a large company, the _____ is charged with turning a product idea into a workable design that can be economically produced.ownerhuman resource departmentresearch and development departmentexternal auditortrade creditor12.Which of the following products is most likely to be manufactured through the process of standardization?Premium jewelryCustom artworkBridgesTailor-made suitsTelevision sets13.Building an item in self-contained units that can be combined or interchanged to create different products is known as _____.standardizationcrowdsourcingreverse engineeringmass productionmodular design14.Which of the following products is most likely to be manufactured through the process of modular design?Ballpoint pensBooksTailor-made suitsToothpasteManufactured homes15.When a customer goes to a printing shop to order business cards, the manufacturing process which is most likely to be used is:standardization.modular design.customization.assembly line.critical path method.16.Which of the following products is most likely to be manufactured through the process of customization?Ballpoint penstortilla chipsToothpasteDesigner jewelryTelevision sets17.The term _____ refers to the maximum load that an organizational unit can carry or operate.job depthcapacityscopenet asset valuechannel limit18.BR Builds Corp. is a small construction company. Its latest assignment is to construct a private school. Which of the following facility layouts is BR Builds Corp. likely to use to construct the school?Process layoutProduct layoutWeb layoutFixed-position layoutAssembly-line layout19.The manufacturing units of Phoenix Autos Inc. uses a facility layout in which the workers remain in one location and the automobiles move from one worker to another. Each person in turn performs his or her assigned tasks on the automobiles. Thus, Phoenix Autos Inc. is using a _____.web layoutproduct layoutcircuit layoutfixed-position layoutproject layout20.An apparel company with a weaving department, a dyeing department, and a stitching department is using a _____ to organize its facility.process layoutweb layoutcircuit layoutfixed-position layoutproject layout21.A facility layout that requires production to be broken down into relatively simple tasks assigned to workers, who are usually positioned along an assembly line, is called a:circuit layout.fixed-position layout.web layout.product layout.project layout.22.First Talk Inc. is a mobile phone company. In its manufacturing units, workers positioned along the assembly line fix their respective component parts to a phone as it moves on the assembly line from one worker to the next. Thus, First Talk Inc. is a _____.continuous manufacturing organizationbatch process organizationintermittent organizationproject-based organizationfixed-position organization23.A customer configures a popular brand’s laptop online with the exact arrangements that fit her needs, from the color to the memory capacity of the laptop. At the company’s assembly plant, specialized automated systems are employed to guide and control the transformation processes. This is an example of _____.standardizationbenchmarkingcomputer-assisted manufacturingcontinuous manufacturingmass production24.In _____, computers can direct machinery to adapt to different versions of similar operations.flexible manufacturingcontinuous manufacturingtransaction processing systemsjust-in-time manufacturingmass production25.Mark is the inventory-control manager at Shield Corp. He usually places an order for steel rods based on the firm’s daily requirement rather than procuring a massive quantity of steel rods once a month from the supplier. Which of the following approaches to inventory control has Mark implemented in this scenario?Batch processing systemJust-in-time inventory managementPerpetual inventory systemComputer-assisted manufacturingIn-basket technique26.In the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), the _____ determines the minimum amount of time in which a process can be completed.critical pathcritical activitypredecessor eventjob scopejob depth27.In the context of total quality management (TQM), which of the following is an ineffective practice?Forming long-term supplier partnershipsViewing quality control as an element of a productLimiting employee participationBenchmarking against the best-performing companiesIncorporating quality control throughout the transformation process28.A primary tool of the continuous improvement process that measures and evaluates the quality of an organization’s goods, services, or processes as compared with the quality produced by the best-performing companies in the industry is known as:sampling.crowdsourcing.reverse mentoring.benchmarking.equating.29._____ includes a series of quality assurance standards designed by the International Organization for Standardization to ensure consistent product quality under many conditions.ISO 14000ISO 9000ISO 27001ISO 1007ISO 1911130.____ is a comprehensive set of environmental standards that encourages companies to conduct business in a cleaner, safer, and less wasteful way.ISO 14000ISO 9000Statistical process controlSix SigmaJust-in-time inventory management


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