Week 2 Quiz 1. According to Peter Berger and Thomas Luckman, society is based on _______ a. Habitual


Week 2 Quiz


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1.     According to Peter Berger and Thomas Luckman, society is based on _______


a.     Habitual actions


b.    Status


c.     Institutionalization


d.    Role perfromance




2.     The Protestant work ethic is based upon the concept of predestination, which states that ________


a.     Performing good deeds in life is the only way to secure a place in heaven.


b.    Salvation is only achievable through obedience to God.


c.     No person can saved before he or she accepts Jesus Christ as their savior.


d.    God has already chosen those who will be saved and those who will be damned.




3.     What is the largest difference between Functionalist and Conflict perspectives and the Interactionist perspective?


a.     The former two consider the repercussions of the group or situation, while the latter focuses on the present.


b.    The first two are the more common sociological perspectives, while the latter is a newer sociological model.


c.     The first two focus on hierarchal roles within an organization, while the last takes a more holistic view.


d.    The first two address large scale issues facing groups, while the last examines more detailed aspects.




4.     In Asch’s study on conformity, what contributed to the ability of subjects to resist conforming?


a.     A very small group of witnesses


b.    The presence of an ally


c.     The ability to keep one’s answers private


d.    All of the above




5.     Societies practice social control to maintain _________.


a.     Formal sanctions


b.    Social order


c.     Cultural deviance


d.    Social labeling










6.     ________ deviance is a violation of norms that ____________ result in a person being labeled a deviant.


a.     Secondary; does not


b.    Negative; does


c.     Primary; does not


d.    Primary; may or may not




7.     The use of Facebook to create an online persona by only posting images that match your ideal self exemplifies the ________ that can occur in forms of new media.


a.     Social construction of reality


b.    Cyberfeminism


c.     Market segmentation


d.    Referencing




8.     When it comes to media and technology, a functionalist would focus on


a.     The symbols created and reproduced by the media


b.    The association of technology and technological skill with men


c.     The way that various forms of media socializes users


d.    The digital divide between the technological haves and have nots











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