Week 2 DQ #1 DQ #1: Use the Internet to retrieve articles on at least two commondigestive problems..

Week 2 DQ #1

DQ #1: Use the Internet to retrieve articles on at least two commondigestive problems. Suggested resources include the following:

o The Health and Wellness Resource Center located under theSpecialized Article Databases in the Axia Library athttp://www.apollolibrary.com/Library/Library.aspx
o http://www.webmd.com
o http://journals.elsevierhealth.com/periodicals/yjada/home
What are some of the ways these two digestive problems can beremedied or relieved? Do you think home remedies might work betterthan some of the suggested treatment methods you have read about?Why or why not? Explain your answer, including appropriate APAcitations from your database search.

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Week 2 DQ #2
DQ #2: Think of some of your favorite foods when you were 10 yearsold. Are they still your favorites? Do you think you will be eatingthe same foods you eat today 20 years from now? What are some ofthe reasons dietary modifications may be needed in different lifestages? Provide three examples to support your answer.

Week 4 DQ #1

DQ #1: In our society, there are weight loss programs thatrecommend low fat, no-fat, or high protein diets.
Should we eliminate fats from our diets altogether and increaseproteins?
What are some of the benefits that unsaturated fats and proteinsprovide when included in a balanced diet?
Explain your answer.

Week 4 DQ #2

DQ #2: If you have ever poured oil into a glass of water, you haveseen that these two substances do not mix.
Knowing this, how do lipids move through the body so they can bedigested and absorbed?
How are lipids stored in the body?
Explain your answer. Please use the textbook as your maininformation source (don’t forget to include your reference(s)).

Week 6 DQ #1

DQ #1: What are some of the health problems associated withanorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder?Explain, from a physiological standpoint, how eating disorders maylead to health problems. Provide at least three examples to supportyour answer.
Week 6 DQ #2

DQ #2: Visit the American Obesity Awareness Web site athttp://www.obesity.org/resources-for/fact-sheets.htm and read aboutthe health effects of obesity. What does the Web site tell youabout obesity that you were not aware of before? Explain what youhave learned.

Week 8 DQ #1

DQ #1: Review the following Web sites:
o http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/list.html
o http://www.fightbac.org
o http://www.foodsafety.gov
Food-borne illnesses may cause serious health problems. How arefood-borne illnesses contracted? What are some ways you can protectyourself and others from food-borne illnesses at home? Providethree examples to support your answer.

Week 8 DQ #2

DQ #2: Review the following Web sites, performing a search usingthe key words hunger, poverty, and malnutrition for the first threeWeb sites:
o http://www.who.int/en
o http://www.unicef.org
o http://www.un.org/summit/hunger.html
o http://www.thp.org/what_we_do/program_overview/intro_video
Undernutrition continues to be a chronic problem for many countriesthroughout the developing world. What are some of the healthproblems associated with being undernourished? Explain the cycle ofmalnutrition. Who does it affect? Explain your answer. QUESTION TITLE :- SCI241 Weeks 1-9 All DQs


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