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Vehicle Cost Comparison

Visit the Department of Energy’s; Vehicle Cost Calculator" and select the following vehicles for


2012 Toyota Prius, v 4cyl 1.8L Automatic Hybrid

2012 Chevrolet Volt, 4cyl 1.4L Auto (AV) Plug-in Hybrid

2012 Honda Accord Gasoline, 4cyl 2.4L Automatic 5-spd Gasoline

Input your zip code so the website can estimate your local electricity prices to properly account

for the plug-in Volt’s total cost, but leave the other fields (such as fuel prices and driving

assumptions) as default.

In a blog post, review your process and your metrics and then talk about your results. How

significant a difference is there between the total cost of ownership of these three vehicles?

Did anything surprise you about what you discovered?

After you’s’ve answered these questions for the first scenario, re-run your experiment but

change the cost of gasoline to $10/gallon.

What surprised you about the results now? Even at this hugely elevated gas price, how long

would one have to wait for the Chevy Volt to become the cheapest option?

How many people do you think see tok out this kind of analysis prior to buying a car, and what

does this say about consumer choice?

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