Unit III Homework


Before attempting the homework assignment, you are encouraged to view the interactive presentation for additional help.

This Unit III Presentation with knowledge checks are designed to provide practice on math-heavy portions of your quizzes and homework assignments.

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The PDF version of the Unit III Presentation.  An audio transcript is available in the notes section.

Solve the following problems, showing your work for all steps involved.

  • Write the balanced equation for the positron emission from the Technetium-95 radioisotope.
  • What are the five common types of radioactive decay? Detail the differences between them.
  • What are the two types of nuclear reactions that release vast amounts of energy? Name and describe each and give an example of a balanced nuclear reaction for each type.

Use these questions as subheadings followed by your answers. This is not an APA paper, and as such, the title and reference pages are not required. Submit your answers in a Word document in Blackboard for grading.


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