Poster Topic For Climate Change

Topic for Climate Change


Potential Poster topics.
Science vs. Myth? Is it warmer? How do we KNOW? Is CO2 higher? How do we KNOW?
Lecture Slides Is the CO2 from Humans? How do we KNOW?
How does CO2 warm Air?
Could warming over the past century be from the Sun?
Could warming over the past century be from the Volcanos?
Could warming over the past century be just from Natural Variation?
2 degrees C is not that much! Or is it???
What do Models Project for the future?
Current Impacts? Melting of the Polar ice caps and implications for: SLR, Ocean Circulation/Hurricanes
Ocean acidification: Mechanism and impacts
Ocean Warming: Mechanism and impacts on coral, ocean food web, CO2 release.
Droughts – are there more with global warming? Why? What are the impacts?
Wild fire – are these increasing with global warming? What is the mechanism?
Hurricanes – why are these bigger with global warming?
What impacts have there been on agriculture?
Are there potential impacts on human disease spread?
What would be the impacts of slower Ocean Circulation?
What Can We Do?
Economics: Economics of the Energy Transition vs. Cost of the Impacts?
Nobel Peace Prize in Economics
Should the Energy Transition impact he GDP?
Mitigation: Animal Agriculture
Project Drawdown – what is this?
Solar: Pros, Cons & Example
Wind: Pros, Cons & Example
Electric Cars: Pros, Cons & Example
C Neutral Examples: Georgetown TX, other cities, Countries, timelines.
Save the rain forests
Adaptation: Current examples: sea walls in Miami, where else?
Geoengineering: Diamonds from the Sky, company using atmospheric CO2 to make products.
Fertilize the oceans
Sulpher Dioxide
Policy: Paris Agreement (compare with Kyoto and Montreal Protocol)
C Fee & Dividend (vs. Cap & Trade, C Tax)
Court Cases: Youth v. Gov.
NYC v. Fossil Fuels
Oregon Fisheries v. US EPA
Protest: Who is or what groups are protesting? In what ways? What are they protesting for? – Why is 350 the Goal? How can we get there?
Greta Thunberg & School strike for climate, COP24 2018
Severn Suzuki from Rio Earth Summit in 1992
Direct Action: Examples: Valve Turners, Bridge Hangers, what drives people to this?
Divest: What is this? NYC Example, Universities? OSU? Others?
Education: US Next Generation Science Standards, What are these? How do they help?
Post-carbon Institute: What is this? Where is it located? What do they do?
Denial: What is this: Doubt, Oregon Petition, Climate Gate


1) Week 5 Lab: Ocean Acidification (20 points)
Poster Topic with Web Links (20 points, due night before next Lab)
Decide on a topic you are interested in and submit the following to the Poster Topic Discussion Board:
1) Question / Problem (Will become Title) with 100 – 200 word overveiw of why this is interesting and how it relates to this class.
2) At least 2 weblinks or references covering different aspects of the issue
At least 5 Bullet Points for each weblink
3) At least one Science Data Figure with at least 3 Bullet Points
4) Comment on others posts that are similar or that you would be interested to join their poster group
(There will be 3-4 people/ poster group)
2) Week 6 Lab: Midterm Review Game (10 points)
& Poster Group Outline (10 points, due night before Week 8 Lab)
Determine poster groups & final or merged ideas.
Posters should primarily use bullet points rather than paragraphs.
Place the info above into poster template, including:
1) Title/Question? (also authors and Lab section)
Leave room to add these sections during Week 8 Lab:
Short Abstract
2) Bullets from weblinks with headings
3) Science Data Figure(s) and bullet points. Make sure all axes are labeled!
4) Conclusion
5) References
Week 7 Lab: Field Trip & Carbon Footprint
3) Week 8 Lab, Poster Creation (Due by end of Lab, 20 points)
Finish your poster, including Brief Abstract, Intro & Methods or other changes/updates.
UPLOAD final posters to Canvas (Due by end of Lab)
Submit poster to Library to print for Peer Review in Week 9 Lab next week
4) Week 9 Lab (20 points, due in Lab)
Peer review each others posters.
I. Presentation:
1) How did the presentation of your poster go? Did everyone have something to contribute? (5 pts, TA grades)
2) What was the most useful suggestion from another student as to how to improve your poster? Did you decide to fix this? (5 pts)
II. Comments to others:
3) What did you learn form other posters to help improve your poster? Did you decide to do this? (5 pts)
4) What did you suggest to help another groups poster? (5 pts)
III. UPLOAD posters to Canvas with all corrections (Due by end of Lab)
Submit to Library to print final version for Finale if needed.
5) Finale, Tues. March 19
Wed & Thurs Labs Tues & Fri Labs
2 – 2:45 pm Present to Visitors (20 pts) Learn from others posters (20 pts)
2:45 – 3:30 pm Learn from others posters (20 pts) Present to Visitors (20 pts)

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