TNC Research Assignment: Identifying your TNC Assignment Goals 1. Familiarize yourself with the…

TNC Research Assignment: Identifying your TNC

Assignment Goals

1.  Familiarize yourself with the websites of some TNCs

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2.  Begin to get a sense of how TNCs present themselves, and how they are talked about in popular discourse

3.  Decide what company you will be studying and why you want to study it.

Assignment InstructionsRead the ‘Choosing Your TNC’ guidelines below.Review at least 7 websites from the Research Resources file  Try to view a broad selection from the different categories in the file.Review the web sites of TNC’s (a minimum of 5 total):Browse the top 50 Fortune 500 companies.  Look up the home page for 2-3 of them.  A list of the fortune 500 companies can be found Look up the web site for 1-2 products that you own or regularly use or shops that you regularly visit that you really, really, really love.Look up the company web site for some product that you really wish you could have but can’t for some reason or another (a Ferrari, Stealth Aircraft, whatever).


1. Submit a short statement (maximum 2 paragraphs) that answers the questions below.  At the top of the page, type the name of the company you will be researching in bold print.

a) What are one or two of the more interesting things you found looking at the links on the Research Resources page?  Did you find anything unexpected or surprising?

b) What TNC will you be researching throughout the quarter?  What does it make/do?  Why are you choosing it?

 …………..Answer Preview…………One interesting thing I found while looking at the links on the Research Resources page was that the first five fortune 500 companies were the same for this year and last year. To me, this was a bit odd as I expected quite a lot of competition at the first five slots. I also notice of their share value. They decreased from the first company to the third. For instance, the number one fortune company which is Walmart had a share………..APA245 Words Added to cart


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