the  role of a       business owner

SWOT analysis of your current place of employment
. Identifying ways to improve internal processes helps build a highly efficient organization

the  role of a       business owner


For this assignment, you will take the  role of a       business owner. As    the business owner, you will create a case study  that       includes two    parts.

Part I

  1. Describe  the type of business you own.
  2. What  products and/or services does the business       offer?
  3. How  long has the business  existed?
  4.       What  kind of community does the business       serve?

Part II

  1. You  are in an evaluation (or reevaluation) of your       business’s            needs. You see that  you will need to reach out to the       following            financial institutions to meet  their needs: insurance       companies,            pension funds, and finance companies.  Define what each of       these            financial institutions will offer your business.
  2. What  are the major differences between the three       financial            institutions?
  3.       How  could each one meet a need in your business?       What            financial institutions do  you finally settle on? What services or                  products will you use?

Your responses should be submitted in one  document       and follow APA    formatting.

You should have a minimum of three  pages of       content, one    title page, and one reference page for this assignment.  Be       sure to    include two scholarly sources in addition to your textbook.

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