The question is as follows: Design a steam power plant cycle that can achieve a cycle thermal… 1 answer below »

The question is as follows:
Design a steam power plant cycle that can achieve a cycle thermal efficiency of at least 40% under the conditions that all the turbines have isentropic efficiencies of85% and all pumps have isentropic efficiencies of 60%. Prepare an engineering report describing your design. Your design must include, but is not limited to:
a) Discussion of various cycles attempted to meet the goal as well as the positive and negative aspects of your design.
b) System figures and T-s diagrams with labeled states and temperature, pressure, enthalpy, and entropy information for your design.
c) Full calculations

Note that the values for v, h, u and s must be taken from 6th edition Thermodynamics (SI units) Cengel and Boles textbook.
If you have the above said textbook, it is question 10-129. All the units must be in SI form.
The cycle chosen should be a regenerative cycle preferably. Please show all steps, and at least compare with another type of cycle first.

I need all the steps, calculations and whatever justification and reasons for selected design.
Note: Please do not make any mistakes with the values of v,u,h and s. Please refer to the steam tables correctly to prevent this from happening. Do not estimate thevalues from the steam and superheated tables.

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