The post-closing trial balance of Storey Corporation at December 31, 2014, contains the following… 1 answer below »

The post-closing trial balance of Storey Corporation at December 31, 2014, contains the following stockholders’ equity accounts. Preferred Stock (15,000 shares issued) $ 750,000 Common Stock (250,000 shares issued) 2,500,000 Paid-in Capital in Excess of Par—Preferred Stock 250,000 Paid-in Capital in Excess of Par—Common Stock 400,000 Common Stock Dividends Distributable 250,000 Retained Earnings 1,042,000. A review of the accounting records reveals the following.
1. No errors have been made in recording 2014 transactions or in preparing the closing
entry for net income.
2. Preferred stock is $50 par, 6%, and cumulative; 15,000 shares have been outstanding
since January 1, 2013

3. Authorized stock is 20,000 shares of preferred, 500,000 shares of common with a $10
par value.
4. The January 1 balance in Retained Earnings was $1,170,000.
5. On July 1, 20,000 shares of common stock were issued for cash at $16 per share.
6. On September 1, the company discovered an understatement error of $90,000 in computing
depreciation in 2013. The net of tax effect of $63,000 was properly debited
directly to Retained Earnings.
7. A cash dividend of $250,000 was declared and properly allocated to preferred and common stock on October 1. No dividends were paid to preferred stockholders in
8. On December 31, a 10% common stock dividend was declared out of retained earnings
on common stock when the market price per share was $16.
9. Net income for the year was $585,000.
10. On December 31, 2014, the directors authorized disclosure of a $200,000 restriction of
retained earnings for plant expansion. (Use Note X.)
(a) Reproduce the Retained Earnings account (T-account) for 2014.
(b) Prepare a retained earnings statement for 2014.
(c) Prepare a stockholders’ equity section at December 31, 2014.
(d) Compute the allocation of the cash dividend to preferred and common stock.


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