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The Cyber Ethics From Both An Employee’s And Customer’s Perspective.

The Global Marketplace.


Addresses Learning Outcomes: 4. This paper is designed for students to demonstrate the

management skill of applying their skills of planning, leading, organizing and controlling to an

extremely current global issue. This paper is designed for you to identify a problem within the

global marketplace and then apply planning, leading, organizing and controlling to the identified


After reading and understanding the text, handouts and on-line discussions, students are to view

the current global business environment. It is important for students to remember that this is a

current snapshot of how things are the day you are taking this class. The paper does not address

global concerns that occurred more than twelve months ago. Students are also to remember that

the analysis is for a global concern – not something that only concerns the United States

(although the effects on the United States could be mentioned). Students might want to consider,

Non Governmental Organizations, Poverty, and Women in the Workplace, Families, Currency

Exchanges, Micro Loans, Climate Changes, or a variety of other topics. Remember you are to

only pick one issue and research (Wikipedia references are not accepted) current press, or press

releases, financial statements or whatever primary source data you can identify that will help to

bring forward your diagnosis of a current global concern. Then apply your recommendations

using planning, leading, organizing and controlling as headings.

Two to three of the main points should come from the text – the other four or five points should

come from library research (and be noted in APA in the paper).

The paper should answer the following questions:

 What is the one current global issue that is being addressed?

 Why is the issue global in scope?

 Who are the major groups affected by this global issue?

 What earlier events contributed to this global issue?

 How did this current issue become important to you?

Introduction (10%)

 Is there a clear “Purpose Statement”?

 Does the introduction explain what the paper is about – the main points of analysis?

 Does it give a quick overview of planning, leading, organization and controlling as

points of analysis?

Analysis (60%)

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