The following are instructions on writing a midterm analysis that I need help with. The instructions

The following are instructions on writing a midterm analysis that I need help with. The instructions state to use a product or service but I rather use a simple product. I really need help in writing!!!

Dear Business and Finance Students,

You need to have done some readings from both the text and notes to really give you directions for the upcoming midterm analysis.

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I would like you to really ferret out the 4 P’s utilized to market a real product, person, or service. First, think about a product, person, or service that you are interested in and then consider how this product is being placed into the marketplace. You will need to touch on each of the 4 P’s (product, packaging, pricing and promotion).

For example, if you were to select a shampoo, consider how the product looks, smells, is packaged, is placed (drug store or department store) and what sort of promotion is used. Ever see any product placement of this product in a movie or show? From the product’s presentation (colors, type face, place where it is marketed, talent in ads) who do you surmise is the target demographic? What are the media vehicles used to promote this product (a media class is a broad area of media such as TV, radio, magazines etc. where as a class is specific such as How I Met Your Mother, Vogue magazine, NY Times etc.)

Once you have identified the demographic, think about any future or aspirational demographics that the brand might be seeking. What is the competition doing (if there is competition), are there special effects? What about the photography and lighting?The mood of the product presentation (humorous, serious, youthful?)


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