The breakdown of research and development costs by division and region is presented under Segment…

Merck KGaA (2011)

Accounting Policies [extract]

Research and development

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The breakdown of research and development costs by division and region is presented under Segment Reporting. In addition to the costs of research departments and process development, this item also includes the cost of purchased services and the cost of clinical trials. The costs of research and development are expensed in full in the period in which they are incurred. Development expenses in the Pharmaceuticals business sector cannot be capitalized since the high level of risk up to the time that pharmaceutical products are marketed means that the requirements of IAS 38 are not satisfied in full. Costs incurred after regulatory approval are insignificant. In the same way, the risks involved until products are marketed means that development expenses in the Chemicals business sector cannot be capitalized.

In addition to our own research and development, Merck is also a partner in collaborations aimed at developing marketable products. These collaborations typically involve payments for the achievements of certain milestones.

With respect to this situation, an assessment is required as to whether these upfront or milestone payments represent compensation for services performed (research and development expense) or whether the payments represent the acquisition of a right which has to be capitalized. Reimbursements for R8D are offset against research and development costs.


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