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The Brand Information Of Coca-Cola.

Looking for someone to work on a three part written assignment.   Week 2 has been completed, but needs re-work.  Attached are the instructions for the written assignment. Feedback from week 2 is attached.  This is the necessary re-work.  Week 4 assignment is now due. The company is Coca-Cola.  Attached is Week 2’s paper which can be changed into a powerpoint if warranted.  Please contact me.

I have attached the original document which need re-work, professor’s comments, and week 4 that needs to be added.

I have attached the assignment. Week 4 which has to be added to the original document (which is attached) must be at least 5-8 pages. the professor’s feedback was also attached and must be corrected. Graphics must be included, citations must be cited within the document. this is for a Master’s degree program.

You need to select two coke products for week 4. Please make sure to include references and cite all your work within the document.

This file has information which may be helpful to you for contacts. WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT GRADING

Pg. 2 & 3 is '; but not critical….I'm looking for data about the last half century.

Many of your paragraphs are long and attempt to cover multiple topics…you need to keep them

shorter (2 to 5 sentences is typical) and they should address a single topic. These long paragraphs

need to be modified before the document is used for the Week 4 project.

Pg. 7. I am moving into your SBU section and find that I have no understanding of what brands were

added or deleted over the past half-century. You spoke in very general terms and you gave

emphasis to the main brand, but this paper should be about the total portfolio — how it was

developed, etc.  The graphic on pg. 12 could help, but this is not complete.

Pg. 8. I am guessing you are suggesting the SBUs are managed on a geographic basis, but this is

not clearly communicated.  Your graphics are too small to be read and they are not clearly discussed

/ titled. You do not clearly communicate what brands are in each SBU…this needs to be corrected

before you add the Week 4 items to this document.

Oh, I see some information about portfolio growth buried in the SBU section….

Good Five Forces analysis.

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