STATS Assignment

Manolio, T. A., Weis, B. K., Cowie, C. C., Hoover, R. N., Hudson, K., Kramer, B. S., . . . Collins, F. S. (2012). New models for large prospective studies: Is there a better way?American Journal of Epidemiology 175(9), 859–866.Manolio, T.A., Weis, B.K., Cowie, C.C., Hoover, R.N., Hudson, K., Kramer, B.S., & Collins, F.S. (2012). New models for large prospective studies: Is there a better way? American Journal of Epidemiology, 175(9), 859-866. Used with permission from Teri Manolio.World Health Organization. (2001). Health research methodology: A guide for training in research methods (2nd ed.). Retrieved from these Resources and the journal article assigned above. Reflect on the steps to the scientific method and how such relates to the study that was conducted.The Assignment (1–2 pages)Summarize the purpose of the studyIdentify the stated or implied hypothesis [or expected outcome(s)]Describe the variables examined in the studySummarize the research methodology used in carrying out the study including the following:Study participantsStudy design utilizedProcedures used to gather dataType(s) of statistical analysis/analyses used


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