Lesson 1: Self and Identity

Lesson 1 Discussion- In One-page (or 250 words) minimum.

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To what extent can we control the self? Are some features of selfhood easier to control than others? Provide examples to support your statements. The original post should be a minimum of one page (250 words).

Lesson 2: Culture & Meaning/Culture as a Social Construct

Lesson 2 Discussion- In One-page (or 250 words) minimum.

How does culture influence your thinking and behavior towards others? Explain how your culture impacts the image or understanding you have about others including assumptions, stereotypes, and prejudices. The original post should be a minimum of 1 page (250 words).


Describe the culture of an organization where you have worked, volunteered, or attended school. Answer the following questions:

What are the stories and symbols that everyone who works, volunteers, or attends there knows?

What subculture groups exist within the organization, and what forms of conflict take place between units or classifications?

How do the heads of the organization use symbolic power to motivate people?

Minimum 1 page. Remember to attach a resource page if you use any outside sources.


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