[SOLVED]: Physics

[SOLVED]: Physics

Discuss how the concepts in this course can be applied to real-world situations and increase your chances of career or life success. Which discussion topic was your favorite to share with your classmates?

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.” If you agree or disagree on the subject that you’re replying to, please show your own opinion clearly based on your own experience/thought why you agree/disagree.

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To be truthful, this class was one I was nervous coming in.  I really didn’t have a full grasp of physics and only knew the basics.  I have found a lot of the information from this class fascinating and I truly appreciate all the good information from the discussion boards to the assignments.

I really appreciated unit VI on all the theories.  it gave me a different perspective and made me learn about Bernoulli’s theory.  Being new in my current position, it gave me a good perspective and understanding of how the system worked in our CIC plant.  I thought that was amazing.  I plan to take that back with me as a learning when I get to my old job of underground.  Even with the most recent, the ability to understand space weather, as well as the unit regarding space refuse, told me that I need to start learning and appreciating more what scientist and experts are doing to ensure the safety or our planet.


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