[SOLVED]: 3-2 Module Three Lab Worksheet

[SOLVED]: 3-2 Module Three Lab Worksheet



Now that we have seen how we can focus on specific stimuli in our environment, we can reap the benefits of paying attention. The next stage along our journey into the mind is short-term memory. More accurately, we should probably designate it as working memory. The difference between the two terms is important: short-term means that it is limited in terms of time. Working tells us that there is a top-down process involved and a capacity to mentally work on the information that is maintained in consciousness. As always, cognition is not as simple as it seems!

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The following labs will help you understand the type of information that we can manipulate, how much information we can process, and how it can be interfered with. As you complete these labs, ask yourself if the limits of our short-term/working memory are what we think they are. Can we easily think of two things at the same time? Can we easily manipulate information in our mind’s eye?


Complete the following labs:

  • Memory Span
  • Irrelevant Speech Effect
  • Mental Rotation

Then, complete the Module Three Lab Worksheet Template. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Record data and include screenshots of results for all module labs.
  • For the Memory Span lab, address lab questions accurately.
  • For the Irrelevant Speech Effect lab, address lab questions accurately.
  • For the Mental Rotation lab, address lab questions accurately.
  • Address the module question accurately.

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