Short Essay About A Current Issue In Plant Basic Research, Breeding, Production Or Plant Conservation

Summative Assessment
review of the Sinshelmer, Grout, Namkoong, Gottlieb, and Latif (2007) dry cleaning article

Short Essay About A Current Issue In Plant Basic Research, Breeding, Production Or Plant Conservation

Short Essay: GROUP Assignment (15 points)


In your assigned group, name a current issue in plant basic research, breeding, production or plant conservation. Provide two potential solutions, and explain in detail how those solutions can solve the problem.


Keep it to ONE PAGE please! Single space is fine. I have no preference on font.

Introduction. 1 paragraph. State what you are writing about. Give a thesis statement (for example “Grey leaf spot disease can kill an entire athletic field in days, but Bermudagrass might offer the solution!”).  Make it interesting and hook your reader in! Summarize some main goals of your essay. The last sentence must be the thesis statement.

Main body. 2 paragraphs, each describing your potential solutions to the problem. Each one should cover a supporting point that gives weight to your thesis statement. They can be two independent ideas, arguments, or discussion points.

Conclusion. 1 paragraph. Summarize the main body. It should show the reader how your essay supports your thesis statement. Finish with a strong statement about your thesis statement

Tips:  Enjoy it. If you are interested in the topic it will show! Proof read, edit, maybe ask for peer-review and spell check before you hand it in.

There is no “point by point” rubric for this. We’ll grade the essay based on the following checklist.

Short Essay Check List

Yes or No

Interesting introduction, add goals &  thesis statement

Main body: 1 topic, 2 problem-solving ideas, supported by evidence & personal opinion

Conclusion: Did your evidence support your thesis statement?

1-page layout, grammar & vocabulary, original and interesting


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