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What is segmentation?

How it is done by companies?

What are the key criteria for segmentation and benefits for companies developing

segmentation strategies?

When writing the essay, review a list of questions that a marketing manager should answer when

selecting a target market (Peter & Donnelly, 14 ed., FIGURE 5.7; p. 105 custom book, or p. 83 in the

original edition).

Provide several examples to support understanding of the process of the segmentation. A number of

approaches to segmentation have been cited in the text. Provide examples of companies and/or

brands that employ some of those approaches in their promotional communications. For illustrations,

use the Nielsen website



For example, you may want to think of a real business and explain using the PRIZM model which

particular segments can be targeted by that business and how (hint: learn about positioning strategy

and use this concept in your answer!).

The paper should have 4 pages (not including a title page and a list of references), font 11 or 12. It's

good to begin with an intro paragraph on segmentation and conclude with a paragraph describing

the conclusions. The list of sources should include 5-6 high quality, relevant sources (in addition to

the text and the website). For references, use APA style.

Please note that the assignment is not supposed to be about your ability to just retell the theory or

the case study but mostly it should be an illustration of segmentation strategies in different business

practices (that are done by different businesses).

Useful resource with many examples:

Whatever examples/illustration you will chose please remember that your recommendations for the

company should be thoroughly supported by the relevant theory.

References to be used must be:

1) A Preface to Marketing Management, J. Paul Peter and James H. Donnelly, Jr., 14th edition,


2) Marketing Management, Kotler and Keller, 14 th edition, Prentice Hall.

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