Winesburg Essay: Definition Argument
Example: In “The Fox and the Grapes,” an important detail of the plot is that the fox fails to get the grapes, despite his repeated attempts. The grapes are an important detail as well because they were growing so high above the fox that he cannot jump high enough; thus, the setting of the grape arbor is important too.

Rhetorical Analysis (Attachment)

the following exercise, consider the strategies used by two different writers to persuade their audiences to act to stop climate change. The first is from the opening paragraphs of an editorial in the magazine Creation Care: A Christian Environmental Quarterly. The second is from the Web site of the Sierra Club, an environmental action group.

Read the following passages carefully, and then write out your exploratory answers to the questions that follow.In a well-developed paragraph of at least 150 words, incorporating and using in-text citations to document examples from our readings, respond to one of the questions ATTACHED

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