Research Paper On Any One Artist Or Artwork. (Elton John)

Week 3 Assignment–Parasocial Relationships
In support of your strategy also incorporate at least one of Oededekoven’s (2018) six C’s of teamwork into your discussion.

Research Paper On Any One Artist Or Artwork. (Elton John)

Requirements for your final artifact influence essay:

– 6-8 pages

– MLA Format (typed, double – spaced, Times New Roman font)

– Use of minimum of 3 professional research sources (the sources must be properly cited in the essay & on the Works Cited page)

The following should all be considered in your essay:

1. Background on the artist & the art piece

2. How the art piece connects with its audience – socially, psychologically, politically, or spiritually

3. The poetic truth of the piece – what is the main theme / idea that it represents?

4. Two or more specific examples of this piece’s influence (how others have been inspired by this piece – other artists, social & political movements, adaptations, covers, etc.)

5. How this piece connects to you as an artist

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