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All students are required to prepare an Open House Report for this class.   This project will require the student to visit an “open house” held by a residential agent on a resale property, in other words, a property that has been previously lived in, not a home in a new developer track.

The report will describe the house in detail: features, rooms, yard, neighborhood, etc. as well as the student’s opinion of the real estate agent who is hosting the open house: their knowledge, competency, professionalism, etc.   The student may also want to comment as to whether they would hire this agent if they were selling or buying a property.

Your paper will be graded on the clarity of your description of the property and your analysis of the real estate licensee hosting the open house; please be sure to cover both of these areas fully.   Please try to devote at least a third of your paper to your analysis of the real estate agent hosting the open house.

Do not be surprised if the agent hosting the open house seems inexperienced; many are and are hosting the open house to find buyers (because they are brand new agents and have no clients).   You may also see prospective buyers visiting the property at the same time.   Please let the hosting agent know you are here on a class assignment and would like to discuss how they got into the business.   This will do two things: first, it will allow them to tend to the needs of real buyers (you would not want to cause them to lose a sale) and they will be more relaxed and talkative with you since you are treating them as a mentor.   Trust me, it will work better if you do not pretend to be a buyer.

The finished report should be two pages in length, typed, double spaced.   Students should upload their paper into Canvas by pressing the add submission button or may e-mail the paper pasted into the content area of their message from their Mt. SAC student e-mail account; no attachments will be accepted.  Although no specific form is required, the paper should be in a narrative style; spelling and grammar do count for grading purposes.

The grading rubric will be as follows:

  • Description of the property (inside and outside, including the neighboring area): 75%

Analysis of the real estate agent hosting the open house (describing their knowledge, skill and demeanor): 25%


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