Racial inequality or anything along the lines of that

Begin by writing your research question at the top of page 1. Then for this assignment, you should write at least one full pagefor each of your sources. Be sure to include:

1. Complete MLA citation

2. Concise summary of the source, including a brief description of the main argument

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3. An evaluation of the author’s qualifications given your topic. (Avoid plagiarism – Don’t just copy author’s bio. Instead, explain why they are experts on YOUR topic.)

4. An explanation of the source’s relevance to your topic

5. An explanation of what the source contributes to your research that other sources do not and/or how you envision using the source in your research essay.


Required Sources:

• 1 book length source (For this assignment, you do not have to have completed the book. Just give a general sense of what the book is about, what the author’s credentials are, and how it will inform your research.)

→ Can be an e-book

• 2 scholarly articles, including one empirical research article that uses some amount of statistical evidence to back up its claims.

Make sure that at least one of the 6 sources above is a theoretical text that takes a broader, philosophical approach to the topic.

Do not use more than one source from our class this quarter.

Label each of the 6 types of sources, so that we are on the same page.


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