Pulse Waveforms – Part 2 R-C Response to a Square-Wave Input for T-100RC Please help construct this

Pulse Waveforms – Part 2 R-C Response to a Square-Wave Input for T-100RC

Please help construct this network (using Multisim, a screenshot of the constructed network would help me a lot) and answer the questions. Answer (e) with the following equation: Vc(t)=Vp(1-e^-t/RC) R-C Response to a Square-Wave Input for T (T ho0 or 5T 20) 100 Part 2 Construct the network of Fig. 16.13. Insert the measured value of the resistor R. (a) 1k2 Scope R E S V C0.01 F Square-wave generator 10 V(p-p) Common ground of generator and scope RmASOred FIG. 16.13 (b) Set the de power supply (ungrounded) to 0 V, set the square-wave generator to 1kHz, and connect the scope to point a. Adjust the amplitude of the generator to 10 V (p-p). Us ing the mode switch, establish the bottom line of the screen as the zero reference level. With the mode switch on dc, adjust the power supply until the bottom of the negative half-cycle rests on the zero reference line. In addition, adjust the frequency of the generator and the horizontal sen- sitivity control until there are only two cycles on the screen. Draw the resulting waveform for one period of the applied square wave on Graph 16.1. V, (volts) 14 12 10 4 2 T GRAPH 16.1 le (e) Determine the time constant 7 of the network. Use the measured value of R. Determine T and T/2 of the applied square wave and compare to the time con- (d) stant calculated in (c). T T/2 Calculate the value of V) at t = t, = T/2 using Eq. (16.3). (e) Vc(T2)= What does the value of part 2(e) indicate to you? ( (g) Place the scope at point b of Fig. 16.13 and draw the trace on Graph 16.2. AVe(volts) 14 12 10 6 4 2 0 7 GRAPH 16.2 (h) Switch the positions of the resistor and capacitor and sketch the waveform on Graph 16.3. Make the adjustments necessary to ensure that the total waveform is on across the screen. VR (Volts) 14 12 10 8 4 0 -6 -10 -12 14 GRAPH 16.3 T4, does V, V Ve? Use the waveforms sketched above to deter- ( mine VR and Vc at t = T/4 = 257. At -, Vc (T/4)= VR (T4)


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