Potential Business Value And Profitability

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Potential Business Value And Profitability

you are assigned to write part of the proposal in 500 words

Is everything clear as far as the innovation? The idea of this application is that it will guide users through out the city , preventing them from falling into risky-unsafe zones. I hope that clear the idea
.remember you are focusing on the profitability and business value of the innovation

 complete a proposal about the potential business value and profitability of a smart city guide application.

I am looking for professional writing- 500 words length of paper

Acknowledgment: This project is an adaptation of PTC IoT Series, Microcourse #1 project

offered by Ayora Berry, Alyssa Walker, and Dr. Jordan Cox at Udemy.com


This is a team project. In this project your goal is to propose an innovative application (product

or service) that can be offered by combining of multiple IoT products/services. Your report

should include a description of the application (physical, smart, and connected components), its

capabilities, its value for the consumers, and its potential business value and profitability.

Your report should be written in a way that would persuade potential investors to consider

investing in your proposed idea.

For this project you will be graded on the innovativeness of your proposed idea, supporting

arguments with appropriate references, written expression, and presentation of your idea. You

will present your report in class.

Here are some resources. I strongly recommend that your team to finds other sources as well and

not limit your work to these resources:

  •  List of IoT products
  •  How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Compeition (Harvard Business


  •  How Smart Connected Products are Transforming Companies (Harvard Business


  • PTC IoT website
  •  Check out news sources and journals/magazines such as Wired, Forbes, WSJ, CIO, …

Length and formatting: This assignment should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length

using a 12-point font and 1.5 line spacing..

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