Please Note i only need solutions for Part E , F , G Fully worked solutions please with all steps…

Please Note i only need solutions for Part E , F , G

Fully worked solutions please with all steps…i have already solved A- D

OUESTION1 Michael is designing a motor driver for a wheeled mobile robot The motor driver is designed an inverting amplifier (using the circuit shown in Figure 1) to drive the motor in the opposite direction of the input voltage. Michael would like to select the components of the amplifier based on specific design requirements. Michael has installed a switch (Swi) to disconnect the motor driver input signal (Vin) to the system and a motor protection switch (Sw) to disconnect the motor from the amplifier when the motor is not used. A simplified model ofa DC motor has been used, made up of a resistor and inductor in series. The DC motor generates a torque proportional to the current (fout) through the inductor. as R, R; Sw R Motor Sw 4 Q 5V + Va in out 10 mH R. Figure 1 Amplifier for motor driver Design an inverting amplifier by choosing suitable resistor values for Ri and R2 to produce a gain of 5 when both switches Swi and Sw2 are open. (a) (5 marks) Design the bias input circuit by choosing suitable resistors R and R such that the voltage v will be 0.5V if the positive power supply of the op-amp is connected to a 5V battery. Again both switches are open. (b) (5 marks) Given Sw is open, the amplifier is turned on for enough time, such that the voltages stabilise, Michael connects the motor by closing Sw and the motor starts to move. Find the step response of the motor current, iou- Assume that the amplifier output resistance is negligible, it does not current limit and the motor inductor has been de-energised. (c) (10 marks) (d) What is the steady state voltage across the motor? (2 marks) Ww- 2 Perform frequency response analysis from vin, to the voltage across the motor inductor when both switches are closed and Michael applies three different input signals of 10 Hz, 100 Hz and 1000 Hz through the system? (e) (15 marks) Plot the response calculated in part (e) in a Bode plot (3 marks) Michael realises that his motor can only have a positive voltage and so his robot can (g) only go forwards. If Michael has a second 5V battery, redraw the circuit to allow the motor voltage to vary from +5V to -5V as vn Varies from 0V to 3V, respectively. Note that Michael will need to change both the gain and the bias voltage at the non-inverting input (10 marks) (TOTAL: 50 marks) END OF PAPER

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