Plan to develop a safety team


Consider the scenario below.

Your company is starting a project that will utilize outside contractors and subcontractors. It is your job to oversee the safety of the entire project. The contractors will be performing work that may or may not be familiar to you and to your normal work environment.

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Based on your background reading and additional research, develop a plan to get participation and buy-in from all contractors by forming a safety team.

Address the following items:

  • Who would you choose to be on the safety team, and why? Briefly compare and contrast contract workers, temporary workers, and full-time workers and why buy-in is important from everyone on the job site.
  • Discuss challenges unique to contract and temporary workers.
  • Discuss supervisor involvement and the role safety professionals play in managing contractors, and involving contractor personnel in inspections and observations.
  • Explain hazard identification and awareness.
  • Identify multicultural / multi-trade difference challenges.
  • Discuss accident prevention responsibilities, including ethical challenges in managing contractors.

Your submission must be at least three pages in length (double-spaced). Cite and reference at least two of the resources listed in the required unit resources in your plan plus one additional reference from the CSU Online Library, for a total of three references. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.


Required Unit Resources

Chapter 2:Roles of Construction Personnel in Safety and Health

Chapter 4:Ethics and Safety

Construction Safety and the OSHA Standards

David L. Goetsch, second edition

ISBN 9780134420189


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