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Phoebe’s Sandwich.

Phoebe’s Sandwich Stop is one of the best-known and most loved sandwich

concessions in town. In business for about five years, she sells sandwiches and other

lunch items made from locally produced food from her mobile food trailer. Phoebe’s

passion and talent for creating reliably fresh, tasty lunch fare popular among a business

clientele (largely employees and shoppers) has made her small enterprise a booming


In the last year, Phoebe added three bicycle-towed concessions that travels to different

strategic locations in town, selling her popular sandwiches to customers who work

beyond walking distance of Phoebe's Sandwich Stop. She now has a total of six

employees, all part-time, working the concessions. Because she caters to urban

customers, her concessions operate on week days from 10 am to 2 pm.  To promote

word-of-mouth advertising, Phoebe uses Facebook to publish her daily menus and the

locations of the bicycle concession.

As a sole proprietor, Phoebe has been pleased with her lunch business success.  Now

it’s time to get serious about the future of her business.  In the short and medium term,

she wants to see the business grow into a potentially more lucrative enterprise,

implementing a greater variety of food products and services, and increasing

her competitive edge in the region.  Ever the ardent entrepreneur, Phoebe’s long-term

dream is to develop her creative, health-conscious culinary skills and services into a

wider clientele outside the immediate region.

An opportunity has arisen to lease restaurant space about 20 miles away from

her trailer concession location, close to a mall and the suburbs and nearer to her local

food producers.  Phoebe has jumped at the chance and plans to expand her current

business. While she has hired professional business consultants to help her set up the

space, design the menu, and implement the opening of the restaurant, she must also

consider the short- and long-term financing, human resource, and management needs

of such an expansion.  Phoebe is particularly sensitive to her relationship with her

customers, employees, and the community.

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