ow do you think the value of these brands is reported on the appropriate company”s balance sheet?

Both the All About You feature (available at the book’s companion website) and the Feature Story at the beginning of the chapter discussed the company Rent-A-Wreck. Note that the trade name Rent-A-Wreck is a very important asset to the company, as it creates immediate product identification. As indicated in the chapter, companies invest substantial sums to ensure that their product is wellknown to the consumer. Test your knowledge of who owns some famous brands and their impact on the financial statements.


(a) Provide an answer to the five multiple-choice questions below.

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(1) Which company owns both Taco Bell and Pizza Hut?

(a) McDonald’s.

(b) CKE.

(c) Yum Brands.

(d) Wendy’s.

(2) Dairy Queen belongs to:

(a) Breyer.

(b) Berkshire Hathaway.

(c) GE.

(d) The Coca-Cola Company.

(3) Phillip Morris, the cigarette maker, is owned by:

(a) Altria.

(b) GE.

(c) Boeing.

(d) ExxonMobil.

(4) AOL, a major Internet provider, belongs to:

(a) Microsoft.

(b) Cisco.

(c) NBC.

(d) Time Warner.

(5) ESPN, the sports broadcasting network, is owned by:

(a) Procter & Gamble.

(b) Altria.

(c) Walt Disney.

(d) The Coca-Cola Company.

(b) How do you think the value of these brands is reported on the appropriate company’s balance sheet?


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