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Collect Stock Price Data And Compute Some Data(Provide Examples Written By My Classmate)

Organizational Analysis Paper


Instructions For Assistance:

The requirements for your paper are as follows:

 APA formatted and at least 10 pages in length excluding title and reference pages.

 Use a variety of sources in discussing the issues and concerns and in developing possible

‘solutions’ to these issues and concerns. More specifically, you should have at least 4-5

references/sources beyond our text, assigned readings, and discussions. These sources should

include interviews with colleagues, scholarly articles from professional / academic journals, and

articles from noteworthy business resources (including newspapers, magazines, trade

publications, and reputable online resources).

 Part 1

1. Provide an overview of the organization, context, and issues/concerns you plan to

address. Include any brief history or other information that will be pertinent to

understanding the issues, your discussions, and the recommendations you will make.

Describe the mission and vision of the organization.

2. Describe the business strategies. This is how the organization competes. What are the

sources of competitive advantage?

3. What is the role of leaders in driving the business strategies? Include an overall

‘assessment’ of the management/leadership based on course resources and class

discussions. Focus on the inter-relatedness of the readings and class discussions from

throughout the course. What is good about the management/leadership? What areas

seem to be most lacking or need of improvement? What positive or negative impacts

have the management/leadership had on other people or the organization?

 Part 2

4. Briefly describe the organization’s structure and how compatible it is to their business


5. Conduct a SWOT, including competitors.

6. What are some of the diversity practices observed or identified through research?

7. Describe the Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics policies, if they exist.

 Part 3

8. How do the financial measures (you can identify a few such as stock price, return on

assets, etc.) compare to competitors?

9. Discuss situational constraints that affect the management/leadership within the

organization (or work unit or team). Identify issues related to organizational structure,

culture, industry, or personnel that might complicate or facilitate the development or

application of good management/leadership.

10. Propose solutions addressing the issues and concerns, including why they are most

appropriate or better than others. Also discuss any potential limitations or

unintentional consequences of your proposed solutions.

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