Financial Business Plan.
Performance Management Program.

Organise Workplace Information.

Highschool student (grade 12) studying level 2 business administration

Wish to present in an instructional booklet for my employees

(max word 1,600)

Topic autumn semester: organise workplace information

explain on how to collect, organise and distribute information in the workplace

(no complex wording)

give details below:

 what sources of information are available within the workplace

 determine the reliability, accuracy, currency, relevancy and usefulness of the data and information you


 why old, wrong, distorted or incomplete information is not useful information

 how you can use interpersonal skills to access information

 the various ways information can be formatted

 why free and open sharing of information is essential to organisational success

 how legislation such as privacy and freedom of information legislation impacts on your ability to collect,

store and share information

 how you can use technology to store, organise and disseminate information

 how information and records can be stored

 how information can be kept secure

 the problems you might run into when trying to access information

 how information is used to make decisions

 how you can determine the information that might be needed by your organisation in the future

 how you can assess the effectiveness of the organisation’s information system

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