Misogynoir within hip hop for woman

Needed to purchase a intro page with very strong thesis. The article you will be evaluating is called, “Women in Hip-Hop Cannot Thrive while Misogynoir Exists” by Taylor Crumpton.Pre-Writing: As you read Crumpton’s article, what stuck out to you as a reader? Where did you agree? Where did you disagree? What questions arose for you? Did you make any connections to ideas outside of the article? Did you notice anything missing from the article? Task: In a 4-5 page essay, write a critical analysis for the article, “Women in Hip-Hop Cannot Thrive while Misogynoir Exists” by Taylor Crumpton. Your readers include your classmates, your instructor, and your peers, so not all of your audience will have read the article. As a result, you must provide a brief, neutral summary of the article as context for your readers. But your paper must go well beyond a mere summary or re-telling of the author’s points. Instead, you must evaluate the article and the author’s argument. After a close and critical reading of the article, make an analytic claim(s). This could be focused on the author’s assumptions, use of evidence, etc. (We will talk more in class about ideas for analysis.) Then you must back up your points with evidence, including with quotes from the article. In an effort to be a judicious evaluator, you might include counter-arguments and rebuttals. This could be a possible explanation of why the author made a particular choice in writing that you disagree with. Use the handout on How to Write a Critical Analysis, as well as class discussion to help generate ideas for this paper. And, as with all academic papers in English Departments, you must use MLA formatting conventions.


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