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To: Professor Ellen Blumner

From: Winston Labriel

Date: September 22, 2016

Subject: Mandatory 30-day respite post deployment for the post combat


The Marine Logistics Center has a rising need to take a mandatory 30-days off period.

The decline of the command climate rating and Off-Duty incidents is the reason this proposed

memo is being written. Informing the senior committee of the current condition and also

providing some recommendations moving forward in alleviating off-duty mishaps requires

critical approach and review.

What the Problem Is

Due to combat exposure throughout a nine-month deployment, upon return, off-duty

issues such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, and suicide have been trending

among the service members. Moreover, service members are going on leave without any post-

combat mental screening. This leaves fellow service members and civilians exposed to the threat

of an untreated person inflicting harm on an unsuspected individual.

Why This Problem needs to be investigated

This problem requires the attention of the Commanding Officer in an effort to prevent, to

prevent Marines from causing harm to themselves and to others. The command currently has a

mandatory 15-day respite, but service members are failing to complete mental health screenings

prior to going on leave. The Post Deployment Health Assessment is a vital piece to the command


It is important the command correct this discrepancy. The overall health and attrition of

all service members is vital to the commands’ success. There is a growing concern that the

impact these rash of incidents have on the overall morale of the Marines is a negative one.

A proactive approach to this issue is being requested. Emphasis on keeping our service

members in uniform benefits the command far greater than the process of expulsion. Failure to

address these issues could lead to an increase in mishaps, hence an increase in Court Martials,

and Non-Judicial Punishments. Moreover, these accumulated command problems cause undue

stress and trauma among the chain of command. The commands “zero tolerance” policy on

domestic violence alone will see an increase in Marines processed out the military under

dishonorable conditions.

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