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Operational Plans

Role of operations plan in Matunda.

The role of operational plans towards the company is handling the productivity systems of Matunda organization (Beach, 2017). The plans allow identification of resources as well as system productivity well designed to deal with the manufacturing of products. Operations plan requires the utilization of a clear idea regarding the production design as well as the deliverance of company objectives. Operational management supply ranges from operational levels and strategic levels. The operational process if a company entails several processes which need to be executed systematically. Operational procedures of given firms comprise of several distinctive features (Beach, 2017). Operational plans of Matunda beverages operational plan include const of efficiencies, addressing information problems and competitive advantage.

Key aspects of operations

Establishments of modern blending plant will be essential since it will allow the company to produce more and quality bottled beverages, free of any possible health risk upon the consumers. High chances are there that quality will be maintained throughout the entire process since every task executed will be computerized.

Cost and time efficiencies

Non-alcoholic beverage companies usually possess the exemption of time and cost inefficiencies. Keeping the fact that the company is anticipating to launch three more products, whose prices will be different is a clear indication that consumers belonging to different salary brackets will be in a better position to afford the products (Bernhardt, 2017). This will ensure that all consumers remain inclusive of the company products, regardless of their income bracket. This will probably ensure that company sales are high. Increased sales directly translate to increased revenue, allowing the company to manage better its production for maximum income.

Competitive advantage

Matunda Company has developed several competitive strategies which will enhance its competitive advantage among the non-alcoholic companies within the same industry. Some of the procedure to be employed include the utilization of excellent advertisements approaches, together with products branding through print ads. Efficient distribution systems will be utilized in ensuring that there is an efficient distribution system. This will produce a wide range of products manufactured. Packaging of the products should be in a manner that the cans and container’s used are harmless to the environment.

Problems addressed

Even though the company is planning to launch additional products, the organization has tried hard and discussed some of the existing issues that were initially identified. For instance, the current capital was enough to sustain all the expected company tasks. The solution to obtaining enough capital arrived at the moment the external investors agreed to introduce additional funding. Transportation of the products from manufacturers to retailers was an issue but was solved through the hiring of more trucks on a contract basis, a move that ensured enough products reached the retailers.

The rationale for competitive advantage

Matunda’s significant competitive advantage is the use of an alternative product distribution channel. Alternative strategies include the use of Direct Store Delivery, utilization of the third-party distribution network as well as the use of customer warehouse. Direct store delivery, for example, lets the company reach the maximum number of customers at any given time. The method also aids frequent restocking of the sensitive products in the market. The technique operates free of the startup costs because, therefore, initiating it is straightforward.

How my research contributes to the company

The marketing team of the company, as part of their study regarding the developmental activities, will venture into extensive online research, with efforts of obtaining enough facts and figures as far as the competitors’ behaviours are concerned. Complete information collected will enhance the management when it comes to the identification of the most appropriate actions to be taken.

Technology Plan

Technology requirements of any given company comprise of both hardware and software devices, interface needs as well as telecommunications. Regarding the activities that Matunda Company is engaged in, there are no significant reasons as to why the company should adopt complicated systems. Technology adoption will be fir accomplishing routine and straightforward tasks like tax and revenue compilation and compilation and evaluation of the customer’s list.

The production plant will be installed with a computerized machine. The role of the device will be monitoring the volume of the beverages produced and packaged and the one remaining (Maxworthy et al., 2018). Technology will be visible on the company website. The website will be responsible for outlining important issues ongoing within the company. The website will also provide enough information for new customers with assistance from 24/7 customer care assistance. Telecommunication perspective will entail the purchase of communication gadgets like mobile phones (Overbay, Mollette & Vasu, 2018). Matunda Company will outsource personal needs.

The rationale for outsourcing personnel needs a section

The primary reason behind the outsourcing of personal needs is to enable the company to share potential risks, thus minimizing both recruitment and operational costs. Risk analysis and management is part of the most important aspects which dictates campaign outcome; there is a need for taking good care upon it. The company will attain this through the hiring of external experienced risk managers (Maxworthy et al., 2018). The hired members will play a significant role in ensuring the right decisions are made regarding the system to be utilized by the organization in order tracking and inventory section.

The outsourcing of personal needs is expected to cut the costs that the company incurs. With the decrease in the overall company costs, Matunda will be in a better position of pricing its products to accommodate customers from all salary products.

Management Organization

Abraham (2014) depicts that a good management plan should be made up of key members of the organization like employees, members of the board of management and the management style should be taken into consideration.

Key employees:

J.N, Bob, Clark and Jay are core employees of Matunda Company. J.N refers to the ex-CEO of the company who helped the company record a profit percentage of 28 % in the year 2010. Clark is the ex-HR manager. Jay is the ex-manager of ARN Inc, an organization concerned with the purchase and supply of various goods. The combination of these members would aid the transformation of the company into something new, firmly competitive in the industry.

Members of the Board of Management:

James is the chairman of the board and Kelly is the assistant chairperson. The primary duties of the advisors will be overseeing the well being of the organization. it will be extended to offering guidance to the members and who are working within the low and high levels

Management style

The flow chart below denotes a management strategy for Matunda company.

As depicted from the chart, GM will be in charge of the organization. The HR and finance secretary will represent the middles level. Research development officers, operations officer and product marketing officers remain at the bottom-most level of management style.


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