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the management of Mabe has invited you to contribute to the development of their strategic business plan. They are keen for you to advise them on the opportunity to expand their business into one or more overseas markets.

Construct your analysis using only the facts contained in the case along with theories, frameworks and analytical models discussed during the semester.

Q 1. Using the three lenses of industry-based considerations, resource-based considerations, and institution-based considerations nominate and justify what you believe are the drivers of success for the business.

Q 2. Identify the specific attributes the company should be looking for in potential foreign markets. Justify using data from the case.

Q 3. Suggest a management structure for the company to adopt when establishing overseas operations. Why is it your preference? Include in your answer a brief discussion and recommendation in respect of governance structures.

Q 4. Outline ethical considerations to be taken into account with overseas expansion.

Q 5. Present two alternatives for how the company may be structured after ten years of successful international growth. Nominate one of these as your preferred option and justify. What relationships could it from within its industry and with other stakeholders and how may these provide long-term benefit?

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