Leadership And Emotional Intelligence.

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Leadership And Emotional Intelligence.

Research has been done on the theory and correlation of emotional intelligence (EI) related

to organizational success and long-term sustainability of a manager/leader in his or her

career. Many leadership/management experts argue that successful manager/leaders

demonstrate a sophistication of EI that differs vastly from those managers/leaders who

eventually fall and fail their organizations. Some of the key factors of EI include self-

awareness, impulse control, persistence, confidence, self-motivation, empathy, social

deftness, trustworthiness, adaptability, and a talent for collaboration. Effective

managers/leaders are very successful at articulating their missions and visions for their

organizations and know how to bring everyone on board to accomplish them. Compare and

contrast the “transformational” manager/leader with the “transactional” manager/leader.

Who do you think can better take the pulse of a group, understand its unspoken currents of

thought and concerns, and communicate with people in terms they can understand and



You will need to do an in-depth literary search on the topic in order to create a fully-developed response.

You will need to include in-text citations and a references list for external references used in supporting

your points for this question. You should have no fewer than 7 references for your response to this

particular question, 4 of which must be from peer-reviewed sources.

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