Pick An Experience In Your Workplace When You Were Assigned To Work As Part Of A Team. Think Carefully About Your Experiences Working On This Team, And How The Concepts In The Background Materials Apply To Your Experiences. Then Write A Two To Three Page
Number 1 CHAPTER 8, “Working With Diverse Clients,” Pp. 225-252 Course Material: Theory, Practice, And Trends In Human Services. An Introduction

interviewing procedure

This assignment is due today in 10 hours…. if you bid and it is assigned to you it must be done with in 10 hours……

This assignment is on Business and you can just make up the interview as if you did it……   do the following….. the interview section you can just make it up and write as if you did interview someone

The Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for this course as found in the syllabus are:

1. Analyze the weak points in a sample labor contract.
2. Discuss management’s responsibilities to abide by current labor laws.
3. Discuss labor’s responsibilities to abide by current labor laws.
4. Identify the systematic approach to carry on labor negations.

Assignment Instructions:

– Select a person to interview that is a member of a union through their employer, and has been with their employer for at least one year AND has insight to the union activities.  This can be a family member, friend, neighbor, etc.  This person must be familiar with their employer and union, and be willing to share that information with you, so that you have sufficient information to complete this assignment.  You will not need to include their name, but will need to include the information that they share about the company for which they work.  Many teachers, government workers, etc. are part of a union, so ask around to find someone to interview.

– Interview the person you select and ask them the following questions.  Take notes on their responses, as you will need to submit these as a reference.  Interview Questions:

a. What is the name of your employer and the name of the union?  What is your job title? How long have you been with this employer?  How long have you been a member of the union?

b. What does the union do well for you?  What do you think are its strong points?  What does the union not do well?  Where do you think it can improve? (SLO 1)

c. How does management work with the union?  Do you feel that management follows the rules?  Why or why not?  (SLO 2)

d. How do you interact with the union?  How does the union communicate with you?  What would an employee do if he/she wanted to file a compliant through the union? (SLO 3)

e. From what you can see, how do the union and your employer negotiate a new contract? Is this normally seen as a positive or negative process, and why?  (SLO 4)

f.  Overall, do you feel that the union benefits you and other employees?  Why or why not?

g. Student:  Come up with your own question to ask your interviewee.

– Submit a 2-3 page paper, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, 1″ margins, to:

1.  Give a summary and analysis of the interview you conducted (including the name of the employer and union) and tie the interview comments to what you have learned about the union and the four SLOs covered in our course (see above).  Provide in-depth analysis about the union and labor management relations, and how this aligns to our course SLOs.

2.  State one thing you would do to strengthen the union practices at this employer.  Explain why and how you would do this.

3.  State one thing you would do to strengthen the employer’s practices as it relates to the union.  Explain why and how you would do this.

4.  Your paper should convey a strong understanding of the SLOs and business.  Use references and cite your sources.

5.  Type up the interview comments for questions #a-g, and include these at the end of your paper as a reference.  The interview comments DO NOT count toward your 2-3 page paper, they are simply a reference.

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