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Internship At ACME .

The work you have done during your internship at ACME has been recognized and now there are many

agencies in your area looking for a comprehensive plan using behavior analytic principles and research

methods. This is your chance to apply what you have learned about Organizational Behavior

Management (OBM) to create an effective-evidence based intervention for an organization.

The following organization has requested the creation of a behavior analytic program to assist with

some concerns:

 Stars ABA provide clinic-based, ABA interventions for children with autism. A star uses discrete

trial training to teach children skills and appropriate replacement behaviors. Stars also creates

systematic behavior intervention plans to decrease interfering behaviors. The following are

some of the issues Stars has encountered:

 Staff are not delivering reinforcers on a frequent basis when children are engaging in

appropriate behavior.

 Staff are providing a lot of attention and reacting emotionally when children engage in

inappropriate behavior.

 Many Stars’ staff arrive late for their scheduled shifts.

 Stars has experienced a high turnover rate. They have had 3 of 15 staff leave in the last 6


Your task is to create a plan for a program to address the issues that Stars is having with staff. You

should create a plan detailing a behavior analytic process and solution for Stars’ concerns. Include a brief

explanation of the research strategies used to support your ideas. Your paper should contain all of the

following and should be separated into sections covering each step:

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