Operational Planning Assignment
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Intelligence Scenario Assignment

Students must prepare a 8-10 page paper on either the North Korean or Cuban intelligence apparatus using the intelligence scenario described below. The format and required elements for your paper can be found in the week six “Lessons” folder (they are the same as the first essay though). Remember to be creative and use your imagination as this is a simulation; “outside the box” thinking is highly encouraged! Still, I don’t want to see first-person writing.

Here is some help and example questions

Since this week’s assignment requires students to apply the key facts and concepts of either the North Korean or Cuban intelligence organs, this week’s lecture is going to provide some “pointers” (in the form of questions) to ensure you’re paper has addressed all of the required areas.

Where are the key facilities located within your regional area that could be surveilled?

-Air, land, and ground military installations to include headquarters, main garrisons, or remote outposts.

-Political centers such as legislative bodies where politicians meet.

How can military and political facilities be monitored?

-Direct observation (HUMINT)?

-Signals Interception (SIGINT)?

-Aerial observation (GEOINT)?

What Open Sources can be monitored and what information can they reveal?

-Radio stations

-Television stations

-Print Media

What type of cyber collection can be leveraged to collect intelligence?

-Internet resources

-What networks could theoretically be targeted?

Could individuals be targeted to provide information?  If so, how could they be recruited?

-Military personnel

-Political officials


-Aerial observation (GEOINT)?

Do you have “sleeper cells” capable of being activated to support your collection requirements?

Can you infiltrate additional assets in order to support your increased collection requirements?

What specific intelligence organizations would you target to complete the above taskings?

If you have questions about the various Intelligence Collection techniques take a look at the videos below describing both OSINT and HUMINT. These are the two techniques that students tend to not understand. If you have difficulty understanding the rest I suggest you do some research on the subjects.

OSINT- Open Source.

HUMINT- Human collection techniques such with the CIA’s specialty.

SIGINT- Signals collection techniques such as with the NSA’s specialty.

GEOINT- Aerial observation.

IMINT- Imagery and Photograph observation.

Here are some links and research


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