Business Project


This is intellectual autobiography essay project (see the attachment for details).

Please answer all of the questions by applying your (imaginary) life experiences since this is “autobiography” essay.

Do not try to use life experience that relate to race, gender, or nationality since this essay is about me. If you want to use, then ask me before you try to make it up.

If necessary, you can ask general information about me in comment section.

The essay should be 4 years college level writing and should be 10 pages which is at least 2800 words.

If possbile, I want to go with “atheist” perspective. However, if you have great knowledge about god and religion, then you can go with christian perspective.

For example, don’t just say, “I believe god because bible said so.” such like that. You have to give good reasons and life experience to support your ideas in every topics.

Most importantly, No Plagiarism. you can use books or articles to support your ideas but make sure to cite in MLA format.

Don’t try to use too much citation to fill your essay. (citation should not be over 25% of your essay).

Instruction Files

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