[INSTANT HELP FROM 9$/PG]: psychology

[INSTANT HELP FROM 9$/PG]: psychology

 Please reply to the discussion question with a 200-word minimum 

6) Both classical and operant conditioning can involve learning that is entirely unconscious to the learner (i.e., you aren’t even aware that you’ve been conditioned).  Now that we know about both types of conditioning, please reflect on your life and provide us with at least one example of how you’ve been conditioned (either through classical or operant conditioning).  Please use the proper terminology (e.g., UCS/UCR and CS/CR associations if Classical Conditioning or Positive/Negative Reinforcement/Punishment if Operant Conditioning) when discussing your example.  Please be specific. 

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7) Think of a time when you forgot something.  Now that we know how memory works, why do you think you forgot this information?  What kind of strategies could you have used to learn it better and protect yourself from forgetting?  Please be specific.

8) We constantly rely on heuristics to make quick decisions and solve problems.  After learning about some of our heuristics and biases (e.g., anchoring heuristic, availability heuristic, representativeness heuristic, confirmation bias), can you identify a time in your life when a heuristic/bias led you to an incorrect solution or conclusion about something?  Please explain in detail.  What can you do to avoid this from happening in the future? 

9) We know that development is the result of a complex interaction between nature and nurture (i.e., our genetics and our environment), but if you had to pick, which do you think has the greatest influence on our development?  Why?  Please provide specific examples from physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. 

10) What is something that you REALLY struggle with finding the motivation to do?  Given the research on motivation, why do you think this is?  Using the motivational theories that we’re learning about, what could you do to increase your level of motivation for this activity?  Please be specific. 


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