[INSTANT HELP FROM 9$/PG]: discussion introduction

[INSTANT HELP FROM 9$/PG]: discussion introduction

Discussion Activity #1: Getting Started: Introduce Yourself and Share How You Study for Sucess! – Group 7

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Getting Started:

Introduce Yourself and

Share How You Study for Success!

Discussion Board assignments are an important part of our class. In these assignments, you’ll have a chance to get to know and interact with a small group of students in our class. The assignments are designed to allow you to use your past experiences as they relate to our course and to share them with your group members. In this first assignment, you’ll find a short video, a writing prompt,  and a grading rubric to help you with your Discussion Board assignment. I hope you’ll put maximum effort into making your post and responses your very best work to share with your group.

SUPERSTAR SUCCESS TIP: Be sure to explain specifically how your study tip helped you succeed in a class in the past!

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  1. Please introduce yourself to your group with a short (4-5 sentence) biography. You may include your current major, your career goals, and your past work experience relevant to your career field. If you wish, you can also include a personal hobby or interest. Remember to keep your introduction professional.
  2. What method of studying works best for you? Suggest a method of study that has worked for you in the past and give a SPECIFIC example of how it helped you be successful in a prior course. NOTE: Be sure to give a specific example for full credit. Tell us what course you used the tip in, how it helped you, and what your success story was. Read the Welcome Chapter in our textbook (before Chapter 1) if you need some help getting started. Also, I recommend that you watch the video posted in Unit 1, “Words of Wisdom from your Instructor: How to Study for Success in Medical Terminology. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO: “Words of Wisdom from Your Instructor: How to Study for Success in Medical Terminology.”
  3. Post your idea on the Discussion Board for your Group. Be sure to review the ideas already posted on the discussion board for this assignment. Only use ideas that have not been previously used by another team member. Do not use the identical ideas that were used as examples in the video.
  4. Respond to two other Study for Success ideas by members of your Discussion Group in a substantive manner. Be sure to address the person by name, restate their idea, and explain why you think the idea is a useful one and how it may help you in the future.
  5. Note: Be sure to consult the grading rubric before completing this Discussion Board assignment. Your post should be complete including parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 (above) to receive full credit.

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