[INSTANT HELP FROM 9$/PG]: Discussion – Abstract

[INSTANT HELP FROM 9$/PG]: Discussion – Abstract

Topic: Enhancing Cyber Security In Healthcare -With The Help Of Machine Learning

Each abstract must therefore consist of the following in this order:

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Bibliographic Citation – use the correctly formatted APA style citation for the work as the title of your abstract, displaying the full citation in bold font.

Author Qualifications – name and qualification of each author conducting the research

Research Concern – one paragraph summary of the reason for the overall research topic

Research Purpose Statement AND Research Questions or Hypotheses – specific focus of the research

Precedent Literature – key literature used in proposing the needed research (not the full bibliography or reference list)

Research Methodology – description of the population, sample, and data gathering techniques used in the research

Instrumentation – description of the tools used to gather data (surveys, tests, interviews, etc.)

Findings – summation of what the research discovered and the types of analysis that were used to describe the findings (tables, figures, and statistical measures)

500 words.


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