[INSTANT HELP FROM 9$/PG]: Cloud Computing and its impact on the workplace

[INSTANT HELP FROM 9$/PG]: Cloud Computing and its impact on the workplace


You must familiarize yourself with Information Technology and its impact in the workplace. The topic of your project must be related to the domain of Information Technology, in the area of: Security, Forensics, or Information Systems.

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Conduct the necessary research to familiarize yourself with different organizations, associations, affiliates, and agencies that promote projects in Information Technology in the workplace.

Select a topic for your Research Paper. The topic must be selected within the area of Information Technology. Select a topic related to:1.- Information Technology uses and benefits to corporate America, 2.-The Internet of Thing (IoT) and its impact on personal security, 3.-Smart Devices and its benefit and/or Risks to users, 3.- Cloud Computing and its impact on the workplace,  4.- Blockchain Technology trust, confidence, and benefit to users, 5.- Smart Cameras and its risks or a benefit to users, and 6.- Digital forensics and its impact on IT.


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