Final Draft Checklist Checklist

Improving Idea Development 

  1. Is there a clear and persuasive claim that answers the argument question? 
  2. Is the main point of each paragraph clear? 
  3. Is each point adequately explained and supported with researched details?
  4. Is each paragraph developed with a mix of direct quotations and paraphrases? 

Enhancing Organization

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  1. Is there a clear and purposeful organizational pattern? 
  2. Does each paragraph connect logically to the previous one?
  3. Do connecting thoughts and transitions connect ideas within and between paragraphs? 

Refining Word Choice

  1. Are the words clear and precise? 
  2. Is the tone consistent and persuasive?
  3. Are rhetorical devices used to make the argument more effective?

Improving Sentence Variety

  1. Are the sentences clear and direct? 
  2. Are the sentences varied in length?
  3. Are sentence beginnings varied? 

Documenting Correctly 

  1. Are parenthetical citations used correctly?
  2. Are signaling phrases and parenthetical citations used to recognize sources?
  3. Is the Works Cited page in MLA format?
  4. Is there a Works Cited entry for each source consulted?



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