[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Working Bibliography Create 4

[Instant Help From 10$/Pg] Working Bibliography Create 4

This two-part assignment must be labeled as “PART A: Research Proposal” and “PART B: Bibliography”. Submit as one document. 

PART A: Research Proposal

Create your Proposal in a 450-500 word response. Note reminders to assist you in writing your proposal. There is no one format for the Proposal; do not get lost in Proposals that are for Master’s or Doctoral studies. For your research writing, consider presenting in this format: 

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  1. Research Objectives: in one paragraph or in bulleted points, state what the project is aiming to do.
  2. Background Information: in one or two paragraphs or in bulleted format, include background information you have gained about the issue. What is your knowledge thus far on the issue? What have you found out? How does it make you feel?
  3. Methodology: as you begin to determine your stance on the issue, move to build your research method. Determine how you plan to actually research the project. Earlier lessons have moved you through selecting and documenting sources; make sure to do so wisely. But continue to illustrate that you have worked through the best possibilities for your research journey.
  4. Conclude by reiterating what you believe you will uncover and possibly solve.

PART B: Bibliography 

Create your Working and Annotated Bibliographies. There is no defined word-count for this part of the assignment.  

  • Aim for 8-12 sources for your Working Bibliography 
  • Create 4-6 summaries for the Annotated Bibliography 
  • All bibliographical information must be included 
    1. Create a Working Bibliography that lists possibilities that show that you are examining varied literature to gain knowledge on the subject and issue—later to be trimmed or altered.
    2. Create an Annotated Bibliography of selected works from the Working Bibliography; this should be a selection of about half of the Working Bib where you summarize the significance of the authors’ findings; each summary should run 3-5 sentences. 

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